It's been a “spirited” political season -- and the race for the White House is a tight one. We're making it fun with our Swing State Cocktails.

When designing this special menu, we researched each battleground state. We wanted some element of each drink to be relevant to that state. Everything from the motto and flower to presidents who were born in that state was researched. Then we got to experiment with flavors (our favorite part).

Join us Tuesday, November 8 for an Election Night Watch Party at our bar and enjoy $10 Swing State Cocktails all night long!

The Swing State Cocktails are:

George Washington (Virginia): Catoctin Creek Rye, Fernet Angelico, sugar, bitters & ginger

The Panhandle (Florida): Bayou Spiced, Bayou Silver, agave nector, fresh lime

Corn Collins (Iowa): Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curacao, fresh lime, sugar & soda

It’s Legal (Nevada): Suerte Anejo, Cointreau Noir, fresh lime, guava & sugar

First & Flight (North Carolina): High West 7000 Vodka, grapefruit, sugar with a port wine float

The Granite State (New Hampshire): Old Overholt Rye Gran Classico Bitters, sugar & orange slice

Great Lakes (Ohio): Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Dolin Rouge, Italian Cherry Juice